In Amazonia we must create matches to fill up the power gem gauge
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Amazonia is a puzzle game developed by This game has really low system requirements, a 800 Mhz CPU powered by Windows 98 (or later) will be enough to enjoy Amazonia.
In the game screen we can see a board of hexagonal amulets. We can swap amulets in order to make lines of three or more similar amulets. To swap amulets we can click one amulet and drag it to the desired position using the mouse. The matched amulets will disappear and new amulets will fall from above to fill the gaps. Each time a match is created the power gem gauge will rise. We must fill up the power gem gauge to get to the next stage.
Throughout the game we will find new features and items, such as special amulets and powers. New powers will appear when we manage to match a high amount of amulets in the same movement. Special amulets will appear as difficulty increases to require a higher gaming skill.
Amazonia features greatly developed special effects matching its high quality graphics. Music and sound effects are also amazing, and help to create a fantastic gaming atmosphere.
Amazonia is a full featured version that will not expire, it's a free game.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great graphics and special effects
  • Full game for free!!!


  • Some ads appear during the game, which is really annoying
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